Top 5 Wedding Reception Themes and Decoration Ideas In 2019

2019 Wedding Reception Themes

Wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life. It is a new step coupled with new beginnings. Thus, it is important that you would need everything to be in place. It is wise to make a checklist for your dresses, guest list, menu and even the theme. Decor is one of the main parts of any wedding ceremony. You are creating lifelong memories with your better half and loved one. You obviously want it captured properly.

Thus, make sure that the background is pretty and cute at the same time. Also, book a proper photographer for your D-day. You want your pictures to be perfect as you only get one shot at this. There are a lot of different kinds of trends emerging every year. However, the most popular theme is the one with simple colors as it can balance the other aesthetic elements. If you are confused, you can surely opt for theme wedding planners.

  1. Dyed flowers and grasses

    This is the running trend when it comes to wedding decor. It looks pretty and photo worthy both. You can create a dreamy aisle with the help of these beautiful flowers. It is a good idea to play with different dye colors and textures. Include textures of pampas, genestra, grass, gypsophila and even phalaenopsis orchids.It is possible to dye them in different colours. However, pink and red looks really beautiful. If you want to do something different, you can always opt for the shades of blue and yellow.

  2. Playing with accentuated wallpapers

    This again a very good idea for weddings, you can always choose to discuss this idea in detail with your theme wedding planners. A lot of prints are being used on statement walls. This can go behind head tables or even escort card displays. Apart from that, the wallpaper can be used at the ceremony altar as well.It is a good idea to use geometric prints, abstract designs and floral backdrops for the wallpaper’s background. You can use one that goes with the complete colour scheme of your wedding theme. Make sure to get creative.

  3. A touch-up Bar

    Well, this is a unique and a great concept for your girlfriends. Normally, there are long queues at the ladies restroom. One is obviously for the nature’s call but, however ladies like to do a little touch-up before clicking pictures or between the ceremonies. However, one restroom might be less.So, you can have 2-3 makeup stations around the venue. Your girlfriends will love you for this. They can go and do their touch up there. You can arrange some chairs and a mirror. Alternatively, you can have some makeup artists present there, if your budget permits. The make-up stations are just for touch-ups and not the complete makeover.

    This can be a great attraction for all the ladies in your wedding. Decorate the touch-up bars with flowers and curtains. Make sure they match with the overall theme. Also, the makeup stations can be near the photo booth and restrooms.These were some of the ideas for the décor. However, you need to decide a broad theme first and create a décor around it. Make sure to discuss this in detail with your theme wedding planners.
    Some of the popular themes that would look good and you must consider are:

  4. Rustic theme

    All the modern day couple love this theme. It looks elegant and classic. Settings and places like old buildings, cellar doors and farms look great for a rustic theme. Also, there are a lot of different décor options that can go with it. It genuinely has a more relaxed charm to it. You can give the location a styling pop with colours which will go in complete sync with the theme.

  5. Contemporary and glamorous

    If you want to throw an extravagant wedding, then this is the right theme for you. Add big flower installations and shiny pieces of interiors. You can pair them with pyrotechnics on dance floor and you are all set to go.


    These are some of the ideas that you can consider using for your wedding. Make sure to write every single detail so that you do not miss anything.


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