What Color Dress to Wear to a Wedding?

Wedding Dress Color Meaning

The variety of wedding dresses colors becomes richer and broader from year to year. White shade is traditional, but it is not the only one choice any more. Ladies meet no limits in their choice because colored wedding dresses are becoming a new trend in fashion 2019.

Previous years brides-to-be chose white-colored gowns because it was tribute to the traditions. It didn’t mean that all they prefer white color. Now we see a tendency, that ladies are choosing colored shades of dresses for wedding, because they prefer this or that color and because it fits them better than white.

Below we’ll consider the most popular colors for wedding gowns and clarify what they mean.

What Color Wedding Dress should you Wear?

Different meanings of colors attract different brides and give them an opportunity of creative self-actualization.


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Blue wedding dresses meaning is purity and femininity. Additionally blue also means lifelong loyalty and stability.

Red wedding dress meaning is multifaceted. It symbolizes infatuation and love, strong emotions and excitement. Sometimes brides prefer it because red-colored gown allows being distinguished of the crowd. Red wedding dresses tend to be more and more popular in future years.

Pink wedding dress meaning is innocence and freshness. Additionally it also symbolizes good health, wellness, and happiness. Ladies prefer pink color because it allows being more flirtatious and diaphanous. This color associates with prettiness and femininity.

Powder Blue color reminds sea-water. Quietness and peacefulness are its synonyms. Blue-green dress allows to express femininity and purity. It symbolizes long years of married life.

Black wedding dress meaning is deep and sophisticated. Black gowns effuse elegancy and stylishness. Confident in themselves ladies can choose this color for wedding ceremony. Lady in black dress is sexual and a shade of haughtiness. Not every gentleman dares to make approaches to a lady in such passionate gown. Of course, the dress is fancy and a lady can use it for other festivities.

Off white models may include: champagne, egg shell white, ivory, cream and vanilla shades. They overflow with color scales an express the creativity and sensuality of a lady. Heir harmony of various tints opens more possibilities to choose that one model which fits the best to the personal features and prehearings of the bride.

Yellow dress is associated with laughter and intelligence. Yellow also means happiness. Wearing it, a lady is feeling herself as if she is in the summer park after rain. Only pleasant feelings and mood are accessible in yellow dress.
Yellow tint fits well to vanilla or golden embroidery. It is camera friendly color, so wedding video will be great.

Beautiful purple wedding dresses associated with queen power. Preferring it a lady becomes a princess at her wedding ceremony. It expresses sophisticated taste and aristocraticness. Purple gown present lovely-dovey romantic mood and all the guests will easily catch the spirit of the bride and share it with her.

In Conclusion

It only up to the bride-to-be what color and style her wedding dress should be. All they are beautiful and all of them have some icing on the cake. Reading our review you can make your choice easier. Now you know the meaning of various colors so the ball is into your court, but be sure whatever color you’d choose you will be a charming queen at your wedding ceremony.


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