How To Save Money When Buying Bridal Jewellery

How To Save Money When Buying Women's Jewellery

It is your lucky day today, because if you are reading this either you are getting married soon, or planning on one, or simply are reading this because you know you’ll need this someday either for yourself or for your loved ones, either ways, let me make it clear that these are real life solutions adopted by brides and their families at the time of actual weddings and not casual hacks.
So let’s get started.

  1. 24K Gold Plated Silver Jewellery

    We know bridal jewellery is very expensive since it mostly is expected to be made of gold (in India). But not everyone has the money to buy heavy jewellery made of gold. Most lower and upper middle-class Indians find it difficult to purchase gold since it is very expensive. One good option that many brides go with are gold-plated silver jewellery. Now before you think any further, they look almost identical to gold made jewellery. Silver jewellery plated with gold is an extremely affordable option for a middle class Indian family and hence they are able to buy multiple Indian wedding silver jewellery from headpieces, earrings, nose hoops and heavy necklaces to toe rings for the feet.

  2. Fashion Jewellery

    Purchasing Fashion jewellery is another good option for those want to save money when buying bridal jewellery. I understand how difficult buying expensive gold jewellery can be since I have two sisters and I am the only earning member of my family. One of my two sisters got married last year and what I did, I will explain that in the next point. A friend of mine got married and he decided to purchase gold-plated fashion jewellery which is nearly indistinguishable from gold jewellery. Although silver jewellery is very affordable, fashion jewellery is extremely durable and even more affordable than silver jewellery. It is a tough option to beat for any Indian middle class family and is hence one of the most efficient ways of looking spectacular at your marriage while saving a lot of money. Families and brides of a middle class family are more pragmatic and understand that they need to invest in their marriage after their marriage ceremony completes. This money could instead be invested on their honeymoon or even purchasing a car or home depending on how much they have saved.

  3. Renting Fashion Jewellery

    This is the most ultimate method of saving money. If you are a bride with a family of fewer resources to spend on your Indian wedding, you can definitely do what I did for my own sister’s Indian wedding.
    We visited Mumbai (since they have the best collections of fashion jewellery) and rented a wide array of fashion jewellery for my sister to wear on different days of the whole Indian wedding ceremony. Most women don’t wear their Indian wedding jewellery may it be fashion or silver jewellery and end up storing them for nearly no use forever. Today in several places like the Crawford Market in Mumbai you find jewellery rentals for Indian weddings providing with the most beautiful designs for throw away prices. Keep in mind these are rentals and need to be returned, and they have a deposit to be paid depending on how much jewellery you rent which is not returned if you damage the jewellery. But they are extremely durable and very beautiful looking pieces that are indistinguishable from gold. Fashion jewellery rentals are one of the most pragmatic solution if you do not intend to buy jewellery in the first place.


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