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The Ultimate Parents’ Checklist To Prepare For The Wedding!

Wedding: Everything Parents need to know!

Designer lehengas, embroidered sarees, banquet halls, catering services, band troops, decorations, intricately designed cards… Do these things ring a bell? If yes, then you, my friend, are among the levy of Indians who know what a lavish Indian wedding is!

Weddings are the moment of rejoicing and bliss for the entire family, everyone seems to be buzzing about the bride and groom’s side but ever wondered how the parents’ micromanage all the preparations needed for organizing an elaborate wedding function. In order to do so, parents often make a list of events necessary for a wedding, thus parents don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to planning a wedding for their children.

Planning a wedding may seem spellbinding but in reality, is very stressful when it comes to parents’ part thus to bust the stress out we have come across a few points.

By keeping these points in minds you will realize planning was never so easier than ever before.

Fix a Date :

Before starting any planning, a date should be fixed. Always keep in mind that before announcing the date is that it should be sufficient for the execution of your planning. As date fixation thus acts as a prelude of the perfect wedding you always wanted to have.

Limit of your Expenses: Budge Determination

A crucial step before starting anything is defining of budget. This way you can plan the wedding in a systematic and organized manner. Having monetary estimates is a must to do in your checklist, a wedding must be budget-friendly so that it remains an event of joy not of content. Determine a budget and act accordingly that must be your approach.

“Listing” about the Visitant :

Either in an organized document or in rough make sure to make a list of guests you are going to invite to the wedding. This will aid you in deciding the venue and events for the wedding. List of visitant should be precise and well-organized be sure to distinguish between the absolutely necessary and the miscellaneous ones. This way there is a scope of correction if any discrepancy occurs regarding the number of guest invited or surplus.

Become more Organized Hire a Wedding Planner:

Whenever you worry about on-point organization one like professionals, hire a professional! Here’s when the wedding planner comes to your rescue. A wedding planner lessens your burden and makes your wedding a hassle-free event. From food to decorations, from music to welcoming guests everything will be taken care of when you seek the help of a wedding planner. It is always mindful to work with a professional rather than working arbitrarily. A wedding planner minimizes much responsibility you might otherwise have to do by your own such as – band party arrangement, catering services, dress fittings, parlor appointments and many more.

Designing your Wedding Invites :

When you are all set with the location and guests to be invited, take a rendezvous with your designer and decide about the invitation i.e., wedding invitation card. New trends are coming and surely you want to match up to these trends thus having a designer makes your work a lot easier.

Selection of Theme:

Theme selection is the part and parcel of the wedding you were dreaming all along with your life. It is time to have one to one word with the family members and draw a mutual conclusion on what must the theme be. The theme brings life to the event and thus a vibrant theme is what is in-demand these days.

It’s Shopping Time!!!!

When it comes to shopping for weddings it is a very complicated and elaborate affair. For all the Delhiites and Non-Delhiites out there who don’t mind haggling obsessively, the perfect shopping destination for the perfect wedding is Chandni Chowk. Types of shopping vary according to needs they may be classified as:

• Gifting Shopping

You may want to “return-gift” your guests or might want to gift something as a favour in a ceremony. Eatables, saplings, home décor and so one are some of the examples of gifts you would need to buy. Favour gifts are of the utmost importance when it comes to you being parents as there is an immense pressure on you to give your hundred per cent to your children wedding as you are expected to make everyone happy and satisfied.

• Shopping for the Bride and Groom

Not only you need to buy a suitable present for the bride and groom but also you need to buy a trousseau too. These require time thus start buying things in advance it will make you less worried. Even online options are there nowadays thus be assured to buy the best gift as you can.

• Shopping for yourself: You need to look good in order to feel Good

Among all odds never forget about you, there is limited time but unlimited aspirations everyone wants to look good and in order to do so starts buying outfits, jewelry, accessories as soon as possible so that you won’t need to suffer last-minute panic. This way you are going to shine and make heads tilted towards you thus SHOP SMARTLY!!!

Hiring Local Vendors, Order Sweets and Confectionery:

Distribution of sweets among all the guests needs more time thus you should always order sweets and other stuff prior to the ceremony as no one wants to disappoint their guests. Hiring vendors beforehand is imperative as no parents want the last-minute fuss in his/her children wedding.

Now you are all set to Send Invites :

As you are done with the crucial steps of preparation and management for this elaborate affair now you are all set to roll the wedding invitations out. Make sure you invite according to your budget and needs as a wedding is a lifelong cherishable event and you don’t want to leave any loopholes. If every step is executed properly and carefully then your wedding is bound to be a success.

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